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While having no control over pricing, Big Mining Co wants to improve the profitability of its largest mine.

The primary opportunity for Big Mining Co is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the mine operations.

The central question for us has been: How can Big Mining Co improve efficiency and effectiveness of its mine operations?

Opportunities exist for Big Mining Co to improve efficiency and effectiveness by adding some extra elements to the existing Tenement Management Process.

The current Tenement Management Process is robust.

  • The outsourcing process is effective
  • The Tenement Management Committee is effective
  • Proactive legal advice is accessed when needed
  • Statutory processes are followed

However, we found some minor gaps in the existing process.

  • Geologists are using inconsistent practices to record exploration activity and expenditure
  • Nobody is reconciling Geologist Activity Logs, ABC tenement XYZ codes and reported activities lodged with Renewals
  • Commercial has been slow in processing reimbursements

Therefore, we recommend that Big Mining Co brings some extra elements to the existing Tenement Management Process.

  • Develop a standard tenement exploration activity recording process
  • Modify the reimbursement process to prioritise reimbursements
  • Extend Tenement Exploration Activity Plans to include contingency activities

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