Cutting Through

Helping experts
engage ‘outsiders'
in complex ideas

Anthony Wilson shares 30+ years' experience in engaging others in risk management.

His biggest challenge is to encourage leaders and others involved in managing risk to move away from a ‘once and done' approach.

He is convinced there is enormous business value in seeing risk management as change management.


0.00 – Introduction

1:38 – Getting to know Anthony

3:50 – Encouraging Leaders to take a proactive approach to Risk Management

9:53 – Striking the balance between ‘safe’ and ‘tied up’

12:43 – Identifying the hardest items to include in risk appetite statement and how to engage Leaders in those discussions.

19:02 – Using the Risk Management Matrix – download available below

22:38 – Understanding your audience and speaking their language

29:38 – Avoiding change fatigue

39:49 – Sharing the Big 3 takeaways


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