Cutting Through

Helping experts
engage ‘outsiders'
in complex ideas

Damien discusses his strategy for engaging 7Eleven in a new Agile-aligned learning strategy.

He shares his experience in engaging the leadership as well as the organisation in this new approach to learning and growth. This includes

  • How Agile offers natural opportunities to ‘bake learning in' to the BAU operating rhythm (which you can do even if you are not adopting Agile ways of working)
  • How to engage up, down and sideways to be confident your idea is ‘sold' before you pitch it
  • How he demonstrates the business value of learning


0:00 – Introduction 

1:10 – How the Agile model works 

3:38 – The challenge of changing how a business looks at learning and skill development 

11:26 – Selling the idea of ‘baked in’ learning rather than a ‘tick and flick' approach 

22:54 – The importance of creating a pitch that ties together business outcomes and learning  

27:43 – Laying the groundwork before taking the pitch to SLT 

33:16 – Novel ways of influencing and engaging leaders in learning 

39:06 – Damien’s final tips for pitching a new way of approaching learning within a business 


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