Cutting Through

Helping experts
engage ‘outsiders'
in complex ideas

Dan explains the difference between transformation and change, sharing deep experience in helping top brands gain maximum value from their digital transformation efforts.


0.00 – Introduction 

0.47 – Get to know Daniel 

2:06 – The difference between transformation and change 

5:47 – The role of Data, digitisation and mass customisation in the world of transformation 

12:00 – Making the case for transformational efforts to sit outside of organisational efforts 

19:06 – Identifying the key steps in transformation 

26:54 – The importance of ‘Unity in Action’ to build momentum  

30:12 – Case Study Discussion: Mercedes’ digital transformation 

48:23 – How digitisation and personalisation are driving the competitive wheel 

54:56 – One of the big mistakes Corporations make when starting the transformation process 


  1. Included in the show notes below is Daniel's whitepaper: Transformation – What is the secret sauce to success in any transformation?
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