Cutting Through

Helping experts
engage ‘outsiders'
in complex ideas

Have you been in a position where you have seen a senior leader make a big mistake?

In this interview Carolyn Noumertzis shared how she helped a Chief Financial Officer work back from a potentially disastrous email sent to the whole organisation. She also shares plenty of other wisdom on how to leverage your greatest detractors to refine your message, how to radically cut the number of emails you receive and how to keep your team in alignment.

Throughout this discussion Carolyn brings depth of experience as a senior people leader with experience across a broad range of industries. 


0:00 – Introduction 

00:43 – Get to know Carolyn 

02:13 –The Misstep 

05:31 – The Lesson 

10:15 – The Solution 

13:54 – Discussing ways to make better communication decisions 


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