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Have you ever wondered how senior people hit the ground running in a new role?

I recently spoke with Cerise Uden about her strategies for doing that on the Friday before she started a new senior program manager role.

At the simplest level, we talked about preparation.

It got really interesting when we got into the detail, though.

Cerise shared her simple yet specific approach for quickly engaging and delivering for senior decison makers. We discussed how to

  1. Work out who to really get in front of early on (and when to do it)
  2. Fill any knowledge gaps you might have, particularly if the role covers new areas such as AI
  3. Nail down precisely what you need to deliver and to whom


00:00 – Introductions 

00:49 – Get to know Cerise 

06:29 –  Preparing to ‘get in the zone’ quickly 

06:57 – Step 1 – Get the lay of the land 

08:07 – Step 2 – Use the Smart Framework to identify who am I here to deliver to and what do they want. 

20:33 – Step 3 – Listen 

24:58 – Step 4 – Make connections 

27:28 – Case study discussion – most difficult start in a new role 

31:20 – Case Study discussion – how to deal with leaders changing the end line as you’ve started role 

44:36 – Case Study Discussion – Upskilling quickly for role in new area 

53:35 – Final advice for someone stepping into new role 


  1. Connect with Cerise on LinkedIn