We have had a few sessions at Clarity First where we have experimented with the difference between working bottom-up and working top-down. Universally, working top-down has delivered better results.

Working bottom-up leads you to rewrite what is there, whereas using first principles to work top down leads you to deliver what is needed.

Today's coaching session highlighted that reality, and set up a beautiful exercise for you all.

As a teaser, here is the original along with the desired outcome.

Desired outcome …
As a result of this email, I want working group members to complete the pre-reading, so they are ready to contribute at next week’s meeting.

Original draft …

Good afternoon working group members,

You will recall that following endorsement by the Board, Project Fruit is underway with support from ABC consulting. The first two steps having now been completed, the first involved understanding the ‘on the ground’ capability with the completion of surveys by all groups followed by workshops to socialize the findings and key themes. ABC has now provided the results which are attached for your information.

These findings will be presented by ABC at Friday’s meeting followed by a workshop session to discuss and agree the initiatives you would like to recommend to the Board to proceed to an options analysis. It would therefore be beneficial to take the time to review the results ahead of the meeting if possible.

Any immediate questions please let me know otherwise I look forward to seeing you all on Friday.


 See what you can come up with. You can download the exercise and solution below.

I hope that helps. More next week.

Kind regards,