Our library is growing as fast as we can record, edit and upload new material for you to learn from.

Here is how we are thinking about our categorisation:



By program element – Design your strategy, Develop your storyline, Deliver your communication 

By concept – Purpose, Audience, Planning, Introductions (aka CTQ or context, trigger, question), the So What, groupings, deductive storylines, MECE, parallel ideas, etc


Type of ‘thing'

Templates – for building or sharing storylines, these might be blanks or populated with instructions to help you build your storylines

Examples – documents that illustrate storylining at work, ideal for you to cut and paste from or use as a reference when crafting your own communication

Sound Bites – these are snippets of learning that I create after group sessions. There is a small but growing library of these. I aim to create a new one whenever I see a great example of something that I think will help you during a group session.

Hot Seats – these are recordings of coaching sessions that draw out useful learnings for all of you, and are often the source of Sound Bites and examples.


Area of work

Kinds of work –  Job Applications, Performance Reviews, Project management, 

Technical discipline – Accounting, Data analytics, Diversity, Engineering, HR, Marketing, Organisational Development, Procurement, etc

Audience – Boards, Colleagues, Customers, Steering Committees, Teams, etc

Industry – Banking, Community Service, Consulting, Finance, 


We will refine and add to these categories over time. Please do email us at contact@clarityfirstprogram.com if you have questions that we could answer and upload for everyone's benefit.