TEAM activity


This page will help you keep track of how your team is progressing through the Clarity First Program in two ways.

01. Team Leaderboard

This leaderboard below provides a quick overview of the Team's activity level. Members receives one point for each action taken during the program (i.e completing a lesson or challenge).

An email notification will be sent to Team Leads if a member hasn't made a start on the program within the first 8 weeks.

Group NOPSEMA February 2021 Cohort Leaderboard

# Name Actions
1 Capri Beck 113
2 Gerhardus Muller 106
3 Ivan D'Souza 97
4 Sara Spence 93
5 Liz Houston 93
6 Colin Bruce 81
7 David Strom 80
8 Claire Hick 80
9 David Ball 72
10 Georgia Derham 71

02. Reporting Panel

This reporting panel will provide a more in-depth view of each Member's activity.

It allows you to filter results by member and activity status and download progress reports for the group.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be logged into the site to be able to access the data on the reporting panel.



If you have any questions or need help with the reporting for your group, email: