Transcript – A1 – How CF Works – ACCELERATOR


Welcome back. In this short video today, I'd like to give you some practical ideas to help you get the most out of Clarity First. Now, there are three things I'd like to do.

    1. Firstly, just demonstrate how the program lets you learn at your own pace.
    2. Secondly, use the main menu to navigate.
    3. And thirdly, email us if we can help in any way at all.

Now, in Clarity First, you can learn at your own pace. Now, that's regardless of whether you're taking the Classic pathway, whether you are taking the Intensive pathway, or the Foundation where you get extra coaching and feedback from me directly.

So let me work through this with you step by step. So firstly, the first part of the program is to accelerate your start. And that's where you are now you're in the accelerator part of the program, the next step is to move on to our Core curriculum. And that's where we teach you the So What strategy methodology for organising your ideas so you can communicate the right message to the right people in the right way. And our goal there is to help you communicate much more clearly.

Once you've completed that set of modules, it's time to move on to the Sprint. And in the Sprint, we're going to be deepening your understanding and helping you apply the ideas more practically. And that's where you'll start to see not just clarity, but insight in your communication.

And then finally, once you through those stages, you can maintain momentum. And what we do there is help you communicate with greater insight, but also confidence in any setting, anywhere, anytime.

Now, when you finish any one of these levels, you will get a certificate to demonstrate completion of that stage. Now we have designed the program to make it as easy as possible to navigate. And we've got a number of things to show you here.

So within our subdomain that hosts our learning materials, we have a menu across the top that includes our Curriculum. It includes our library, which has got a growing set of all sorts of tips and tools. With a set of navigation items there on the right hand side, we've also got a series of recordings there. That's recordings from our live working sessions. Now I curate these and put up the ones that I think add the most value. And again, allow you to search them by topic, or by issue, or by sector or specialty if you like so that you can find not only the types of stories, but stories that talk about your area of work. And also within your business sector, that library is enormous and continuing to grow. And then also you have an opportunity to book into those sessions, you can come to as many as you like, all you do is come to the right part of the menu there and click in and you'll scroll down and find the sessions you're entitled to join and register one by one at a time that suits you.

And then finally, we have a course FAQ is to help you.

So there's a series of things within the program that help you whatever stage of the learning journey you're at, and designed to be as easy as possible to work your way through.

And finally, we're here to help you in any way we got shaded there at the top to help with any administrative questions or login access difficulties. I'm here to help you with any content questions that you might have. And we've got occasional input from other members of my team as well. So if you want to reach out and make contact at any point during the program, here's the email to us. do feel free to make contact with with any questions. Like I said, we're really happy to help.

So I hope that gives you a sense of how the program works. And I look forward to seeing you again soon. Bye for now.