It can be hard to know who to ask to help you clarify your messaging. How do you get the right balance of input without overburdening the team?

Do you work solo, include your immediate team or include others?

Here are four criteria to consider next time you are preparing an important piece of communication.

  1. Expertise – are they familiar with problem or have a usefully different perspective? Consider including your most ardent objector early in the process so you hear different perspectives.
  2. Evaluative ability – do they think deeply about things, are they a smart thinker?
  3. Effort – will they make the effort?
  4. Elevation – do they have sufficient visibility of the strategic environment to help link your story to the broader business objectives?

I find that consciously considering who I involve early in the thinking process gets me a far better outcome.

I hope that helps. More next week.

Kind regards,